September 1st Thoughts: Training Camp 2 Weeks Out, 27 RFAs Left

Today is September 1st and there are still 27 NHL RFAs left unsigned. Training camp is about 2 weeks out for most teams and trying to fit their RFAs into the line-up before then is going to be an interesting move. Some players left unsigned are:

Many teams have two players up as RFAs so they’re a little extera screwed by this situation. The signings will end up being a domino situation; where when one signs, all of the rest will soon after but will the teams be able to get this done in the next two weeks before training camp?

I think the first to sign will either be Rantanen, Tkachuk, or Connors and likely before training camp or within the first few days. All of them are pillars of their team and are necessities to the future of each franchise so the Avalanche, Flames, and Jets are going to do what it takes to get the back swiftly.

The Jets will probably work to sign Connor first so they can gauge how much they can sacrifice to Laine. (Could always sacrifice a goat hahahaha)

As for the others, it feels like they’re waiting for one another to sign in order to gauge their worth. They all want to get paid what they’re worth and it’s helpful when you have other player’s contracts to compare to.

I don’t think any of these players will waste a season by going past the December 1st deadline but at least one may cut it close. I hope Mitch Marner signs early but I would not be surprised if this goes further that training camp, preseason, and even a few games. He probably won’t hold out like William Nylander did but I think he’ll be one of, if not the lasts to sign with Toronto.

This offseason has had a weird vibe to it and today we’ve only talked about the RFAs. The next two weeks are going to be action packed but alas, hockey season is almost there.

Featured Image: Nathan Denette/CP

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