Sam Girard Nailed His Entrance At Avs’ Cup Celebration

Samuel Girard, isn’t your sternum broken?! Ever my favorite little french man, Sammy G made an entrance at the Avalanche’s Cup celebration in Denver today. He came right out on stage, with a firefighter hat, did a little cartwheel for the crowd to show em he’s feeling good, and then immediately went over to hug his best buddy Erik Johnson. I better see that video on EJ’s Instagram story with the caption “mon chum” or Imma sue.

Sammy G was injured in the Avalanche’s series against the St. Louis Blues when he broke his sternum. His loss was a tough one for the Avalanche. Sam is always a reliable defenseman for them but it was a good thing that this defense is stacked. I’m happy he’s out there and feeling good. That can only mean good things for next season.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from this video

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