New Dallas Stars Alternate Jersey Idea

Let’s throw it back to 2003. I was 3-years-old and the Dallas Stars dropped these alternate jerseys:

Mike Modano in the Mooterus

Now what the jersey is supposed to show is the Taurus constellation. Combining two things Texas is known for: cattle and stars. The stars at night are big and bright yadda yadda yadda.

But, this jersey was quickly compared to a uterus upon debut. And the resemblance is uncanny. Therefore this jersey will forever be known as the Mooterus.

While everyone hates on these jerseys and says they’re ugly, I like ’em. Sure they look like a uterus but they’re still pretty unique and ugly enough to be lovable.

That is not all though. I also love these old Star’s jerseys.

So I decided, why not combine the two to make the ultimate Stars’ alternate jersey.

Dear reader, I give you, the Starmoo. Shout out to my friend Craig (@CraigNakagai on Twitter) for coming up with the name. See the best part about the Starmoo is it brings together the traditional old-school jerseys with a new twist.

moostar jersey
Starmoo by Shortman Hams

Now if the Stars would like to throw in an interesting alternative next season, here is the perfect idea for it. I spliced up the old Stars’ jersey with the Mooterus. Then, I replaced the gold with silver to add a splash of something new considering Dallas is using silver now.

jamie in starmoo
Jamie Benn in the Starmoo

And BAM! A perfect alternate with the captain to model. I’d wear the hell out of one if they made them, that might even be my go-to jersey.

What do you think of the Starmoo? Tweet me your opinion!

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Featured Image: Shortman Hams

One thought on “New Dallas Stars Alternate Jersey Idea

  1. dallas stars ma nazov hviezdy. nič iné ako hviezda v nejakej grafickej úprave nemá mať. pokiaľ má niečo inšie, minula svoj cieľ. najkrajšie dresy mali v sezone 1999.


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