Canucks (Allegedly) Fined $45,000 For (Allegedly) Sneaking Strippers into the Bubble

Disclaimer: This whole story is alleged so don’t come at me if it’s not true.

I highly doubt this is true but I must do my due diligence as a writer and share these stories with all of you. The Vancouver Canucks have allegedly been fined $45,000 for sneaking two strippers into the bubble for Thatcher Demko, their rookie goalie. This original tweet went out on September 1st and it’s been 2 days with no official comment from the NHL or Vancouver but hockey Twitter has discovered it today. On the 1st, Demko made his official playoff debut and stole a W for the Canucks in a must win Game 5.

I, once again, don’t think it really happened but the fact that someone is trying to start that rumor is pretty funny. It seems like someone was just making a joke that his teammates were paying him back for his hard work. I’ve seen a few tweets where people are legitimately pissed off, and sure I get the reasoning (endangering the league, etc.), but it’s a joke so chill the fuck out. I’ll laugh if this rumor get’s big enough that the NHL actually has to put out a statement like “no, players did not sneak in strippers”. The NHL has a hard time saying the words “racism” or “misogyny”, can you imagine if this blew up enough that they had to say “strippers for Thatcher Demko”.

Anyway, I’ll be sure it update y’all if there is anything further but for now, laugh with me at the immediate reply to this tweet being something sentimental:

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