Let’s Talk About Mitch

Alright, I’ve been avoiding this one. It’s been a big topic in the hockey world this summer about Mitch Marner and WHEN the Hell he is going to resign with the Toronto Maple Leafs. But now, this is out of hand.

We are all well aware of the Leafs’ tight cap situation, the circus involving the use of LTIR, and the number of players the team has put up on the selling blocks.

Welcome to Willy Part 2.

According to James Mirtle in this article from The Athletic, the Maple Leafs have been “aggressive” in their offers to Marner, with contract lengths at 3, 6, 7 years and a range of $9-million to $11-million. The Marner camp already rejected the max 8-Year deal time so having a 3, 6, or 7-year contract would work better for the team. It avoids overlapping UFAs, sets the bar at comfortable standard, and both parties aren’t locked in for life.

Although even with these aggressive offers, it’s August 6th and Marner is still unsigned. Hockey season is beginning to loom in the distance and the Leafs can be looking at another Nylander situation. And the people are getting worried. I do have to say that I understand the outrage.

It was the same drama last year. Some of Leafs Nation pulled put their pitchforks early and yelled “Trade Him” in the streets until Willy resigned. And when you look in the comments of anything that’s posted about Marner, it’s the same. But I think Marner will be back as a Leaf. After last season and how consistent he is, trading him is dumb.

Marner had 94 points in 82 games last season, up from just 47 points the season before. Mitch led the team is points and John Tavares was behind him with 88 points. Marner is still young, he’s going to grow and keep improving. So trading him is probably going to end up screw you over later, Leaf fans. BUT I do understand why people are upset.

The Leafs have made numerous offers to Marner, some north of $10 million and he’s rejected all of them. It’s a little upsetting because you know the Leafs’ cap situation, you know your GM is working to get you paid fairly but you’re rejecting every offer that comes your way? It’s a kick in the ass, I can see why people are upset.

Now, everyone is left with more speculation as we wait. There isn’t much time left until things begin to kick up with training camp, preseason, and before you know it, the regular season will be here. For now, we wait.

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