Our Sweet Icon Anton Khudobin Has Been Placed On Waivers

Within 2 days, the Dallas Stars have (basically) lost their fabulous goaltender duo of Anton Khudobin and Ben Bishop. Bishop’s career ended 2 days ago when it was announced that his knee injury was putting an end to his pro career. Now, earlier today, the Dallas Stars have placed Anton Khudobin on waivers and I think some team somewhere will be scooping him up.

I. Am. Sad.

Throughout the past few seasons, the Dallas Stars have found great success. A vengeful return to playoff contention, a near Stanley Cup run – and all of that would not have happened without Anton Khudobin and Ben Bishop. That duo kept us in when we deserved to be out.

Bishop was our fearless start and Dobby was his reliable backup. Bishop, as I said in my blog eulogizing his career two days ago, came along in 2017 and spent 3 seasons in Dallas. Dobby came along in 2018 and was the perfect person to slide into the second role.

In that Stanley Cup run, Dobby was our savior. He played in 25 games with a 14-10-0 record, only allowing 67 shots of the 811 he faced. Dobby had a .917 save percentage and a 2.69 GAA. He fought tooth and fucking nail for a chance to have his name on the Stanley Cup. He wasn’t just the Stars leader on the ice but off of it. He was the heart and soul of the team. We all remember “we’re not going HOME” He remained positive and hopeful when we need him most.

I just can’t believe it’s ending like this. Dobby spent 4 seasons in Dallas, collected 110 games played with a 47-39-17 record, and ended with a .917 save percentage and a 2.50 GAA. Sure, we’ve got some great goalies in Braden Holtby and Jake Oettinger but they aren’t like our man Dobby. Dobby was like a mascot as well as a player, he didn’t deserve to go out like this really.

I’ll miss him a lot but at least we have the memories, eh? Here are some Dobby highlights to cry with.

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