Whose To Say: Ryan Strome vs Dylan Strome

Yes I didn’t do a Whose To Say last week but we’re back this week with a little sibling rivalry. Today we’re going to talk about the 2 eldest of the Strome brothers.

Siblings aren’t too uncommon in the NHL but the Strome’s have a set of talented boys. The youngest has yet to make his NHL debut so we’re going to focus on the two older Stromes, Ryan Strome and Dylan Strome. Both Stromes were traded this season and have seen fresh starts on new teams, which prompted a great quote from Ryan:

“My family’s a suitcase” (x)

The brothers have played for a very different amount of time in the NHL and I’m focusing mostly on the skill of each. Read through here and make sure to tell us on Twitter which Strome brother you think has the skill of the family!

Also finding good quality highlight videos was a bitch so deal with the best I could scrounge up.

Ryan Strome

The eldest Strome, Ryan, is a 25 years-old centre. Ryan is 6’1″ and 194 LBS. Ryan was drafted 5th overall to the New York Islanders back in 2011.

Ryan has played in 6 NHL seasons for 3 teams: the New York Islanders, Edmonton Oilers, and New York Rangers. He’s played in 421 NHL games, collecting 77 goals (10 GWG) and 118 assists for 195 points.

Ryan has seen the post season twice with the New York Islanders. He’s played in 15 post season games with 3 goals and 5 assists, totaling to 8 points. He has a +2 rating in the post-season. He has 25 shots on goal with 15:33 average minutes on the ice per game. Ryan had 2 blocked shots, 24 hits, and 7 takeaways in those 15 games.

As a centre, Ryan is a stronger player offensively. One of Ryan’s biggest strength is his shot. Ryan has 771 registered shots on goal with 1,286 total shots attempted. He’s got good instinct for where to shoot the puck past the goalie and where to be at the right time. Ryan can dangle really well but the puck can get away from time to time. He’s had 242 giveaways in his career, 53 in this past seasons alone.

On the faceoff, he has a win percentage of 45.2%. He has averaged about 15:18 on the ice per game over the course of his 6 seasons. Overall, Ryan Strome is offensively dominant and has great puck skills, giving his team a Corsi For % of 50.1% whenever he’s on the ice.

Defensively, he uses his height to his advantage. Ryan has 122 blocked shots, 376 registered hits, and 205 takeaways.

(Trying to find career highlights that are quality is hard so this is what we’ve got)



Dylan Strome

Now onto the middle Strome, Dylan. Dylan Strome is a 22 year-old centre. He stands at 6’3″ and 200 LBS. Dylan was selected 3rd overall in the 2015 NHL Entry Draft.

Dylan has played 3 seasons between 2 teams: the Arizona Coyotes and Chicago Blackhawks. He’s played in 106 games and has 24 goals (3 GWG), 43 assists bringing him up to 67 points.

Dylan has never played in the post season.

Dylan Strome has a better shot than his brother. He can make impossible goals from anywhere on the ice. In his NHL career, Dylan has 181 registered SoG with 315 total attempted shots. He also is a great passer that has a 6th sense for where teammates are on the ice. Dylan’s hockey sense is unreal, he’s a strong play maker and often chooses to pass before shooting unless he knows it’s a near certain shot. 

At centre, Dylan has a faceoff percentage of 46.9% He protects the puck well with only 36 giveaways in his career. In his career Dylan’s team averages a Corsi For percentage of 47.7% with him on the ice.He averages about 15:21 on the ice, he bumped his numbers up to 17 minutes in his time with the Blackhawks.

On the defensive side, Strome blocks a load of shots, 60 so far in his career. He’s thrown 23 big hits and had 62 takeaways. His naturally high hockey IQ helps him be dominant on both sides of the ice. He’s got to potential to be a deadly hitter if he bulked up a bit more.


Hams’ Take

On this one, I gotta go with Dylan Strome.

Although Ryan has played in the league longer and has higher numbers, Dylan didn’t get the chances he deserved his first 2 1/2 seasons while he was in Arizona. He spent most of his time in the NHL and since coming to Chicago he’s thrived.

In Chicago, Strome has played more games than he did in his 3 years with Arizona. He’s got more goals and assists. Alongside old teammate Alex DeBrincat and newbie Dominik Kahun or Patrick Kane, Strome is going to grow to one of the best players in the game. He’s getting the ice time he deserves and he’s doing absolutely fantastic.

Ryan has some strong positives with his stability as a player but for me Dylan takes the cake not only for his skill but what he’s going to bring to Chicago in the years to come.

Middle Children Unite.

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