Nate MacKinnon Needs A Visit From Another Stanley Today

We’ve seen plenty of variations of the Stanley Cup out celebrating with the Colorado Avalanche this summer but there is just one more I need to see before the start of next season. It makes complete sense that should the Trailer Park Boys be at their friend Nate MacKinnon‘s Cup party up in Cole Harbor today, they need to bring the Stanley Bong.

If you haven’t seen the Trailer Park Boys’ animated series on Netflix, you might not know what the fuck I’m talking about. Nate MacKinnon is no stranger to acting, he’s made cameos in all kinds of shows but one of his best works is in the Trailer Park Boys series. Well TPB rolled out their own animated series – “Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series – on Netflix in 2019, it made sense that Nate guest stars in one of the first episodes. Cartoon Nate gets bamboozled into helping Bubbles, Ricky, and Julian (my love) win back the Stanley Bong:

Via IMDb

Spoiler: Nate does succeed in helping Sunnyvale get their beloved Bong back from the Moncton Mudslides – despite the fact that he doesn’t say “Stanley Bong” once all episode which I thought was funny. I’m just saying Nate Dogg and the TPBs are pals, they’re from Cole Harbor which is where Nate and the glorious Stanley Cup are stationed today. This is the perfect opportunity for Nate to snap a pic with two of his many prestigious hockey awards. Do I think it will come to fruition? Not in the slightest but a man can dream right?

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Featured Image:  Colorado Avalanche Twitter

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