You Can Buy Hair (Feather?) Ties For Chickens And I’m Going To Buy 30

If you don’t follow me on Twitter (@shortman_hams, how are ya) then you might not know that my neighbors a few doors down own chickens. I live in the Chicago suburbs for reference so it’s not exactly common to see. They let them graze between the yards from their house to my house and for a solid 3 or 4 weeks, they were here every day for at least 9 hours a day. It was kinda like we had our own chickens. Obviously we developed a deeeeeep love for every single one of them but there was one in particular we all adored. There are 5 of them in total and 4 look like your average chicken. However, one of the chickens is a Silkie chicken that we all call Hei Hei and this is him in all his glory.

Hei Hei ignoring me as I try to offer him a mulberry

He is literally a fluff ball of feathers. He’s always 3 or 4 steps behind everyone else because he can’t see when they run somewhere else to eat bugs.

Well Hei Hei will be left behind no longer. There is a shop called The Well Dressed Chick on Etsy that sells little hair feather ties for silkie chickens and I need to buy 30 of them for Hei Hei immediately. Check it:

These aren’t even all of them. I need to get one of each for a chicken I don’t even own and who doesn’t seem to like me much. These are the greatest things I have ever seen. And that’s not all. Look:

We can get matching cowboy hats! I can give him a feather for his too. This shop specializes more in duck/chicken diapers and I love those chickens but not that much. I’m not getting up close and personal with chicken butt.

Overall, this is the best discovery I have made of the day. I’m totally ordering them after I get paid on Friday and then I’m going to send little Hei Hei home with a personalized, bedazzled feather tie. He might take control of the pack with the ability to see everything without his emo haircut feathers blocking his vision. And wanna know what he’ll look damn good doing it too.

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Featured Image:  Screenshot from The Well Dressed Chick

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