A Movie Recommendation For You: “The Voyeurs” (2021)

I will admit, I am someone who falls for ads. If certain ads catch my eyes enough, I’m going into it head first. That’s why I first got TikTok, just one ad intrigued me enough that I said “nah I gotta see this whole video.” That is what had happened with me and the movie “The Voyeurs” (2021).

I have gotten this trailer 700 times on YouTube the past 2 weeks and I needed to get to the bottom of it. Watch the trailer up above if you haven’t yet. Do you see why I was pulled in? I had to see what this alleged Pippa did! Not to mention I see Ben Hardy, I must watch. Those blue eyes are like claws. Add in his character being a blonde with trauma? Double in. Anyway, I thought this was going to be a kinda cheesy, horny thriller but I just had to know. I won’t spoil anything because I desperately need people to watch this move so I can rant about it. I liked it so much god damn more than I thought I would. I was absolutely hooked until the credits rolled.

The plot, as given by Amazon Prime is:

A young couple (Sydney Sweeney and Justice Smith), find themselves becoming interested in the sex life of their neighbors across the street (Ben Hardy and Natasha Liu Bordizzo). What starts as an innocent curiosity turns into an unhealthy obsession, after they discover that one neighbor is cheating. Temptation and desire cause their lives to become tangled together leading to deadly consequences.

Amazon Prime

And it gets so much deeper than that. It’s only about 2 hours long, the sex scenes can be a bit lengthy but I think it’s a pretty good movie. I was right about the horny part, there are a lot of sex scenes so don’t watch this one with your parents. BUT I was not prepared for all the twists and turns this movie was going to take. It really feeds that primal fear we all have about people watching us even in the place we feel most safe. I like these kinds of movies much more than the jumpscare, gory, supernatural-themed scary movies people always get me to watch. This is something that is literally plausible. My reasons for having blackout curtains has grown exponentially.

So if you’re looking for a good movie to watch that’s going to throw some good curveballs your way, check out “The Voyeurs” (2021) on Amazon Prime. It’s a good one also heading into the Halloween season too.

And for my closing thoughts:


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