Dustin Byfuglien is A Free Agent

The NHL has announced that Dustin Byfuglien‘s contract with the Winnipeg Jets has been terminated. The news comes with little shock after he missed out on this whole season after filing a grievance back in September.

There has been no further word about where Byfuglien intends to go from here. He’s walking away from $14 million but if he’s not happy with where he is in life then that money means nothing. No one knows if he is going to even come back to the NHL. 

Byfuglien’s decision had “nothing to do with” the team he was playing for, it was more personal.

That is what makes me so skeptical about his return to the NHL. I would love to have him back in Chicago, kicking ass in a city that loves him dearly. But…

If he feels that it’s better for him, and his family, to step back from the league and live a normal life then good for him. I respect the hell out of that move. We’re grateful for the years and memories that he’s given us. If he decided to come back well then I hope he picks Chicago because we’d love to have him back and we could use that toughness on the ice.

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