The PWHPA’s Minnesota Roster Is Making Me Want to Move to Minnesota

The PWHPA has announced some of their rosters and let just say that given the chance, I’m moving to Minnesota. Here’s a quick list of some players on this roster that absolutely thrill me:

Firstly, I’ve ranted and raved over both Abby Roque and Annie Pankowski on here so LFG.

Then, across the board, this is just a talented lineup. Numerous women have won the gold medal with Team USA back in 2018- such as Knight, Brandt, Coyne, and Stecklein. They’re all fantasic, especially when playing as one, so having them just a little north of me makes it so tempting to pack up my little bedroom for the land of 1,000 lakes.

I love Chicago so much but my biggest beef is that there is no pro women’s hockey team in the city. Minnesota has both the PWHPA’s hub and the NWHL’s Whitecaps so it just seems more convenient to hop on up there. I went up there in 2016 and loved it- it seems like a great move. If things ever dwindle with COVID and I can make it up there for a game or practice, you bet your ass I’m gonna do it. The full Minnesota roster, along with the other hub’s, are in that Ice Garden blog so check those out.

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