Virtanen is Back, Baby

The Canucks have re-signed Jake Virtanen but their money troubles seem to worsen.

I like Virtanen, he had a great season for himself. He put up 36 points (18G 18A) in 69 games (nice) while averaging 13:05 on the ice per game. That’s the 23 year-old’s career high in points- he would have been exceptional if we were in a normal season. Although I like the kid, I think he could have gone a little less.

The Canucks are now in a bit of a cap crisis. They’re above the upper limit by around $2 million, something is going to happen so they can get under that. The buyout window is coming up or they could of course trade someone but I’m not even gonna take a guess here because their GM has been full of surprises this off-season.

Jim Benning (Canucks GM) will likely be on the horn today so keep your eyes on twitter – and my mental state because depending on whose traded I might blow a gasket.

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