Team Adidas Are US Secret Cup Champions!

The Midwest OWNS hockey. The PWHPA’s Team Adidas, based in Minnesota, has won the American Secret Dream Gap Tour Cup. There was no doubt in my mind that they were going to breeze through and win this competition. Back when the roster was released, I wrote a blog about how absolutely killer the line-up was and that was proven in real time.

Team Adidas and Team Women’s Sports Foundation (WSF) played one another 6 times in this 2021 Dream Gap Tour — between New York, Chicago, and St. Louis. Team Adidas won 5 of those 6 games and ended with 13 points in the standings. In tonight’s finale, Team Adidas got on the board first with a goal from one of my personal favorites, Annie Pankowski. Pankowski is a wizard out there so to see her open this final was stellar.

Team WSF got their revenge though. Alexa Gruschow scored to get the game even at one before the end of the first.

Then Haley Skarupa grabbed Team WSF the lead with the only goal to come out of the second period.

In the final frame, Team Adidas came back with 3 goals – the first from Abby Roque who has blown away the competition in every game she’s played since she got to pro-hockey.

Then for the GWG, Kendall Coyne Schofield slammed one in on a breakaway. If Kendall Coyne is on a breakaway like this, might as well give up, you’re not stopping her from scoring.

Sydney Brodt scored an addition one to give us a 4-2 final in Team Adidas’s favor.

With that, Team Adidas grabs the Cup. This was a great series of hockey. As I said, Adidas is my favorite (#MidwestSolidarity) and I am proud of what they have done. The goaltending was next level. Each goaltender made one sick save after another. It was really the best product you could have hoped for from such an important competition.

That brings the American leg of the Secret Dream Gap Tour to a close but the PWHPA is far from done. The Canadian leg of this tour starts next week, in Calgary from May 24th-30th. We haven’t seen the Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal teams play yet but it will be as kick ass as this series was between Minnesota and New Hampshire. I am loving the hockey we’ve seen coming from the PWHPA this year. It was electric and there are so many stellar players we haven’t even seen yet. It’s absolutely phenomenal.

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Featured Image: The PWHPA's Twitter

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