Shortman’s NCAA Women’s Hockey Ranking Predictions

Just under 5 days until the NCAA women’s hockey is set to begin. Spittin Chiclets posted their predictions on rankings for the men’s teams so here’s mine for the women’s.

As we learned a few days ago, Ivy League schools are not allowed to participate so I didn’t include any of them. Off the bat drops Cornell, who threw everyone for a loop last season when they finished 1st. But I digress- my rankings.

  1. Wisconsin
  2. Northeastern
  3. Minnesota
  4. Clarkson
  5. THE Ohio State
  6. BU
  7. Minnesota-Duluth
  8. Mercyhurst
  9. Quinnipiac
  10. BC

Wisconsin is the consensus for first this season and that’s not without reason. Last season, they were close to topping Cornell and finished the short season 28-5-3. They lost Abby Rorque (my queen) to the PWHPA but they still have Daryl Watts – who lead the NCAA in points last season- as well as Sophie Shirley. They’ve got great depth across the board and goaltenders ready to step up. I think this will be a great year for them.

I think 2-4 are no brainers. Look at the top NWHL and PWHPA players, what schools do they typically come from? Those 4 are probably the most common. Clarkson is holding onto some of their best players PLUS they’ve got Elizabeth Giguere and Marie-Pier Coulombe. I expect some excellent hockey here.

Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. I have BU beating out Minnesota-Duluth this season. Minnesota-Duluth finished last year just one place above BU but I think this year, Duluth lost some key players – like Sydney Brodt (PWHPA) and Maddie Rooney (PWHPA) – and they’re putting too much on Gabrielle Hughes. BU lost Sammie Davis (drafted 1st overall by the Boston Pride) but they have enough talented forwards there to spread out the scoring stress. I mean look at this roster! BU has Nara Elia, Abby Cook, Jesse Compher, and Kristina Schuler, as well as the steady Cornine Schoeder in net. This is gonna be a great year for them.

Friday night, season openers start. We got 5 games on Friday, 6 on Sautrday, and 1 on Sunday. The season kicks off with BC playing University of New Hampshire, who has a future goalie superstar on their hands. Minnesota-Duluth plays Minnesota State- Mankato that night. On Saturday THE Ohio State will versus Minnesota to kick off their seasons. As I said yesterday, St. Cloud and Bemdji will not have their series this weekend. Plenty of great hockey is upon us so be sure to watch these games, you won’t want to miss it.

I’ll leave you with some players I think you’ll need to watch.

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Featured Image: M. Anthony Nesmith/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

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