RIP 2021 Winter Classic and All-Star Weekend

The NHL has announced that the 2021 Winter Classic and All-Star weekend have been postponed. Don’t be surprised if they’re cancelled later on but for now, the league seems static at postponement. I was hoping that the 2021 season was going to start with the Winter Classic but it looks like Gary Bettman said “fuck ya chicken strips”. The 2021 Classic was gonna be played in Minnesota with the Wild playing the St. Louis Blues meanwhile the All-Star weekend was going to be in Florida.

It’s no surprised this happened but it still sucks. A lot of these events bring great content and showcase the league so without them we’re basically still stuck in purgatory again. Plus last year we got a bonus women’s game so now I am without hockey, without women playing hockey, so overall I am sad.

To commiserate, let’s remember last year, namingly the event that made me lose trust in Matthew Tkachuk:

(He’s a Cardinals fan, can’t trust him for shit)

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