Marner Camp Talks With Switzerland Team For Safety Net

The Marner contract has been all the buzz this summer, even though I’ve been a little hesitant to throw my two cents in. Now, a report has come out saying that Marner’s camp has been talking with Switzerland’s Zurich National League team to discuss somewhere for Mitch to train if the two can’t come to an agreement soon.

Marner said that he hasn’t been in on the negotiations too much and he doesn’t think he’ll be at the Maple Leafs training camp.

“Probably not. There’s so much risk with that and it’s just something you don’t want to risk. I want to be there for the start of camp, so hopefully something will get done by then.” (x)

And although talks have been happening between Kyle Dubas, Leafs’ GM, and Ferris, Marner’s agent, things haven’t been progressing.

Zurich, where Matthews played for a stint, is there as a safety net. Should things not be completed by camp or further, Marner still can practice with the team over there and keep their legs fresh. It would be better then Marner sitting at home while his friends are training. Who knows if it will actually go down this way but it seems like Ferris is playing it safe for Marner.

Featured Image: Getty Images

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