Watching the Stars Documentary Was Like Watching A Movie Where You Know the Dog Dies

Now that it’s been a few hours and my sadness has resided, blog time.

If you weren’t here from July to September, then you watched live as I slowly crumbled into the shell of a human being while I watched the ups and downs of the Dallas Stars Hockey Club in the 2020 NHL Playoffs. Well Jeff Toates, Senior Director of the Stars media and hero of mine, put together this stunning 57 minute long documentary on the 66 days that Dallas spent in the bubble. This is a masterpiece. I love Toates work so much, I aspire to that level of talent one day, so this was an absolute treat.

Until I remember the subject matter. Watching my team go through the ups and downs of the playoffs AND knowing how it ends for them. It’s like watching a movie and knowing the dog is gonna get murked in full HD. The players would get so happy and excited like “wow! we can win! just 4 wins away!” and I was sitting on the other side going “you beautiful fucking idiot”.

I was also highly alarmed by the fact that I’ve already repressed most of the playoffs. I completely forget we played Colorado and Vegas AND both series were decided in OT. I think my brain just pushed it all out to save me from the sadness.

Overall, spectacular doc, beautifully shot, even if I cried so much at the end. From the 30-minute mark on, I was in tears. The Stars were a team with so much spirit and strength, I genuinely want the best for all of them.

The hardest clip for me was right at the end, Jamie Benn sitting in his stall, fully dressed while everyone else has left. He’s just sitting there, staring at the big of Stars jerseys, and the room is dead silent. That fucking broke my heart so quick. I love Jamie Benn, he’s my favorite player in the league. So many people have given him shit, saying he doesn’t care, or that he shouldn’t be captain – and you’re dead fucking wrong. He cares about this team so much and you can see it in every second of this clip. Just because he’s not loud and boisterous doesn’t mean he’s not seriously dedicated to this team. Love you Cap, you got this next year.

Alright, I’ve went on long but if you love hockey, watch this documentary. If you love editing and well shot videos, watch. this. video. I’m ready for Dallas to kick ass next season. I’m proud of how far my team went and I’m ready for them to do it again.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from video

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