Is No One Gonna Talk About Brent Burns In Vikings?

I’m like 3 seasons behind on Vikings so don’t worry, no spoilers.

While the whole hockey world is focused on Zdeno Chara, I’m more focused on Brent Burns finally living out his dream – being a Viking. Now viking for me falls 4th on my “List of Jobs I’d Do If I Could Time Travel”, Burns has always been a top draft pick in the Viking Draft. He’s built for that life, looks-aside for a moment, but the guy drives the country with his family in the off season and spends time tending to his animals. What does Ragnar Lodbrok do in season one? Uhhh tend to his animals and go places with his family. Also murder some dudes but I’ll allow Burnsy to have his secrets about that one. If we are talking about looks, we all know that you take one look at Burns and either think Viking or Grizzly Bear Hunter, and there’s no between.

He plays a character called Skane and is in season 6 part 2, episodes 13 and 14 if you wanna check them out. Congrats on the promotion Burnsy.

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