I Have Found That Cowboys Had Their Own Shanties And My Want to Be a Cowboy is Solidified

One of the biggest pros to being a pirate is the sea shanties.

I wrote a while back about my favorite sea shanties and all of them are bangers you should listen to. One thing that was always a con about being a cowboy is you don’t have a sea shanty equivalent, a “land shanty” if you will.

Or so I thought.

Pals, I have found a list of some land shanties and it has solidified my want to be a cowboy in the Old West.

Here is the full list but some of these look fantastic. There is a difference between a Land Shanty and a Johnny Cash song. Not knocking Johnny Cash, because everyone knows I love him dearly, but his songs came post-Wild West era.

These songs are the real deal. To be under the sea of stars with your horse, bedroll, and maybe a buddy, just hummin’ out a tune about roping horses or shootin’ outlaws (maybe bein’ an outlaw idk idk). That’s the life.

I’d love to be a pirate on the high seas, chanting shanties with the crew BUT I’m terrified of deep water and the ocean (fuck the ocean IMO).

Cowboy has the benefit of being free but not having to deal with the ocean and now I’d have shanties to kill the time riding a horse. It would be a perfect life.

I’ll make a playlist of my top land shanties in a bit so stay tuned for that one.

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