Thoughts On The Canucks’ Return

Today, the Canucks played their first game in nearly a month since there was a COVID outbreak within the team.

I’ve got a lot of emotions about this one that go a few different ways. I’ve talked about my beef with the league and how they handled this situation, that sentiment still remains. Especially after JT Miller talked to the media and said he thinks this is dangerous to which the league still didn’t listen, just made them play 19 games in 32 days instead of 31. Most of the team has just battled a very serious virus that has plagued the world and they’re expected to play an exhausting amount of hockey under normal circumstances. It’s preposterous.

Nevertheless, tonight they played their first game back against the Maple Leafs and won. They were down 2-1 until Nils Höglander scored 12 minutes into the third. Then 1:19 into OT, Bo Horvat scored his second of the game for the OT GWG.

I’m stuck in the weird in between of “pissed the league made them play this quickly” and “happy for the players who just went out and won this game”. In the post-game interview, Quinn Hughes, Bo Horvat, Braden Holtby, and Nils Höglander all said something about how good it feels to be back out on the ice. They did just go out and play well. I’m happy they’re happy and feeling confident but I’m still concerned. Here’s their comments from the post-games:

I wish that the league would have pushed these games back even further, gave all the players time to recuperate properly. Some of them have sick families and they’re just recovering themselves. It would have been safer and better for everyone involved. But, I can’t just ignore the hard work and great win this group just put together, it feels unfair to them. So good job Canucks, I’m proud of you although I’m still very worried about every single one of you.

The NHL is money hungry-always have been always will be. I wish all the Canucks good health though. They have to slog through this terrible, dangerous stretch of games. Although they say they’re happy to be back, you never know if they really are.

The Canucks apparently play the Leafs again on Tuesday. Until then I will–

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Featured Image:  Vancouver Canuck's Twitter

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