Flyers Lose To The Capitals BUT We Have A First NHL Goal

Despite how hopelessly optimistic I went into today’s Flyers’ game, it obviously did not go as planned. The Flyers fell 6-3 to the Washington Capitals. Although there were moments where the Flyers had signs of life and hope, they just couldn’t get it together enough in the end. However, we have one little light of glimmering sunshine. Rookie Wade Allison got his first NHL goal on the power play in the 3rd period and it’s a beauty. Here is the set up from Claude Giroux and Kevin Hayes with the final push to the back of the net coming from Allison:

And of course you gotta see the full celly:

Not only did he have an awesome goal but he had two superstars on the assist, how wicked it that?

The full game was an emotional roller coaster between “wait can we tie it? Do we have hope?!” and “nope, we’re dead” but this was the one solid, good point for me. I love first goals and the cellys so it was nice to see Allison get his today. He fits into the Flyers’ line-up nicely. Not only does he play well with them, he sniffs the salts with the boys and he’s another ginger for the collection.

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Featured Image:  Philadelphia Flyers Twitter

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