Thomas Edison Was A Rat

You gotta checkout this video about Louis Le Prince, the REAL inventor of motion pictures, and the conspiracy that he was vanished at the hand of, low and behold, Thomas Edison. I don’t trust Thomas Edison for shit, here’s why.

Edison was a rat and an asshole. He was such an egotistical jerk who was more worried about his own fame and fortune that he didn’t give a single shit about the people he stole from- some of which were his own employees (why do you think Tesla left). Also, point one for this dick of the psychopath scale because he used to electrocute animals all the time.

Sure, he invented some important stuff, but he also stole ideas from his employees and other inventors. It’s not too far off to assume he’d hire someone to “take care” of Le Prince and/or Le Prince’s son, Adolphe- who battled Edison in court for his father’s stolen invention and was subsequently killed not long after – to get control of Le Prince’s inventions and seal his name in history.

If you ask me who really invented motion pictures, I’m answering Louis Le Prince because I don’t trust Edison or his crownies for shit. Add Edison to the list of “Dead Guys I’m Gonna Punch in Hell”.

That being said: if I go missing within the coming days of this blog, you know who did it. I’ll avenge Le Prince.

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