While We’re Talking About Rosters, Let’s Remember Team North America

Team Canada is about to drop their World Junior selection camp roster and I can’t help but reflect upon a team that was never really great but they were loaded.

Team North America.

Pack to the gills with the best of North America’s best that ended in a 4-2-0 run with the team in 5th place but it was still worth remembering. With players from all over the NHL map, from Nate MacKinnon in Colorado, to Captain Connor McDavid in Edmonton – this team was legit. The full roster is here and anyone who is remotely familiar with the NHL will know what studs every guy on here is.

First of all- I miss Nate MacKinnon. Watching him play hockey quells the anxiety I’ve had since birth and I don’t know why.

Second of all, I’d give quite a bit to watch this team play together again. They were so skilled but their time was cut short at Worlds that year. If we could get that gang back together, now after 4 more years of NHL experience, they’d absolutely kill out there. So here is my vote for Bettman or the IIHF to get the gang back together, please.

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Featured Image: NHL.com

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