Anton Khudobin Will Be Testing the Market: Excuse Me While I Scream Into the Void

Dallas made Khudobin an offer on Wednesday evening, but he has decided he’ll test the free agency market when it opens and join the whirling goalie carousel on Friday. Nill made it clear he would like to have Khudobin back, but he also understands the business and that Khudobin had every right to get maximum value on what could be the final contract of his NHL career.

Sean Shapiro on The Athletic

The universe really do be testing me today. Within 24 hours I have potentially lost both of my favorite goalies, allow me to mourn. Baller, fantastic, sick (why do I love this Godforsaken sport?)

Sean Shapiro of the Athletic confirmed that Anton Khudobin, King of Dallas, will be testing the free market come Friday morning. I just said that I want, more than anything, for Dallas to keep him but turns out Dobby wants to test the market.

Shapiro seems to be leaning towards a (realistic) pessimistic view but I’m going to keep the optimism that Dobby could return to Dallas. The city absolutely adores him and the one-two punch of him and Ben Bishop is so damn good for the Stars. Credit to Nill for trying to get him back before he went up but I worry that somewhere with more cap space will be able to scoop him up before we get the chance. Without that Dobby, we wouldn’t have made it to the Cup Final. I’ll hope for the fucking best on this one (but Dobby, if you would like to come to Chicago, I’ll allow it).

As for other UFAs, Corey Perry and Mattias Janmark will be on the market. After the playoffs, I want Perry back. He was so fucking crucial to our success and I liked what he brought to the team (minus his PIMs). I don’t see us getting Janmark back, which sucks. He’s a good kid and I love his spirit but I doubt the Stars being able to bring him back.

I’m not even going to get deep into the injury round up but holy fuck, no matter who you are you have to give the Stars credit for how much they battled through these injuries.

Jamie Benn, love of my life, has been dealing with a shoulder injury since before the break. Tyler Seguin was dealing with a torn labrum in his hip while still nursing a fucked up knee. Blake Comeau had a separated shoulder, Jason Dickinson had a foot and ankle injury. Roope Hintz fractured his ankle against the Knights and still played against Tampa until he gut his hip fucked on a shitty check. Dobby couldn’t feel his hand for fuck sake. Here is a full list:

Ever single one of these guys are beast, the best damn warriors around. For them to be down all of these guys and still fucking dominate- I’m proud. I’ve said that a few times and I mean it. (Hockey Twitter don’t even get mad at me for not condemning them for playing through injury like y’all have, kick rocks.)

Religion: Dallas Stars

Overall, big (and scary) news day for Dallas and it’s gonna be a worrying next few days but I still know that this team lethal next season. I meant to only write about Dobby but that’s what happens when I talk about these dipshits. Dallas Stars are gonna be a scary team to face this season, look out.

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