My Favorite Patrick Kane Celly

Hoppy Easter!

Ham Sports is quarantined at home today but NBC threw us a bone and played the 2010 Game 6 of the Stanley Cup final. That OT Thriller is one of the best in Blackhawks’ history. Our first Cup and a legendary lineup, sign me up to rewatch anytime. 

Plus, who can forget Patrick Kane’s OT winner? My brother doesn’t like the goal but honestly, it’s one of my favorites. How dramatic is it that the Game-Winning goal, the one for all the marbles, goes missing in the net and drama ensues. Not to mention the celly.

Now Kane has several iconic cellys (cellies?).

There is the heartbreaker:

via Tenor

There is the “Showtime”:

via Giphy

And of course, the one that I just call “Pointy” (this looks like somethin’ else tho but this is a family show):

via Giphy

As incredible as all of these are, my favorite is a celly that we have only seen once.

This running hop across the ice to Antti Nemi after the magic goal goes in:



The pure giddiness in his run is my favorite part of the celebration. It’s a dream moment, scoring the Cup-Winning goal in overtime. So that is my favorite Kane goal celebration. The other ones are flashier and to showoff but this one is pure happiness. I love it, I’m a sentimental bitch.

What is your favorite Patrick Kane celebration is your favorite?

I love this cells so much that I have a bobble head of it. I got the bobblehead for free from the Preseason camp regardless, it sits on my desk to this day.

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Featured Image: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images


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