Andrei Svechnikov is So Underrated in the NHL

Truth be told, I tend to forget about Carolina. I said it in yesterday’s blog too. They’re relatively new to the contender pool and I forget how good they actually are until one of my teams plays them. Therefore, I completely forget how fucking talented Andrei Svechnikov is.

He’s only in the sophomore season of his career and he’s such an offensive powerhouse. In his career, he’s played in 150 regular-season games with 98 points (44G 54A) and an average 15:36 per game. His post-season performances have been equally impressive. Last season, Svechnikov played in 9 postseason games with 5 points (3G 2A) and 13:39 minutes on-ice. THIS season, in the weird Bubble Games, he’s already put his name in Hurricane record books by being the first player in franchise history to score a hat-trick in the playoffs.

In just 3 games he’s got 5 points (3G 2A).

The kid is insane. He’s so talented, his skill with the puck and creativity gets left behind sometimes. We all saw him score the lacrosse goal this season- regardless of if you think it should be allowed or not, it takes a lot of skill to make happen.

Not only is he talented but the kid is tough. He took a hit yesterday and he may have been knocked on his ass, but he popped back up like toast and got right back in the game. He’s still young and can gain a few pounds to stay on his feet but he’s already got the spirit.

I’d put Svechnikov as one of the most underrated players in the NHL right now. We’ve been hearing about how underrated Barkov is for years, we know how good he is now, so I think Svechnikov has him beat. Carolina is a growing market but they’re still a bit of the underdog to me. They don’t get the recognition or hype some other teams do so you never hear him mentioned as one of the top young players in this league but he should be. I could be totally off and I’m missing all the Andrei-love stans but I don’t hear people talk about this guy nearly enough as I should.

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