Auston Matthews Has Scored His 200th Goal In His 338th NHL Game

Auston Matthews has set a record tonight. The 24-year-old Arizona native became the fastest American-born NHL player to hit the 200 goal mark. It only took 338 NHL games for him to do so.

This 200th-career goal comes as Matthews’s first of the season and against one of his best friends, Freddie Andersen. It was a sick wrap-around for the kid, check it out here:

Should come as no shock he got to 200 this quickly, he started his NHL career with his first 4 goals in just 1 game. Matthews was fantastic last season but got cold in the playoffs and was almost freezing to start this year. I hope this goal really opens things up for him now. He’s a magical player to watch when he’s on but when he’s cold, it’s like the Snow Miser out there for Toronto. Their whole younger core has really struggled to start this season, they really have to get it together. I do like Toronto so I hope Matthews’s goal is the domino that falls and gets things going. Let’s ignore the fact they’re down 1-3 to Carolina in the middle of the third. My sentiment holds true.

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Featured Image: Toronto Maple Leafs Twitter

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