Dear Jim Nill, Please Keep King Dobby

It’s all fun and games until I remember who is up for free agency.

One of the hottest topics of the playoffs has been Anton Khudobin. Going from backup to starter overnight and saving Dallas’ ass more then once, he’s definitely given himself an edge in his upcoming UFA talks. And I am hoping to God Dallas resigns him before anyone else can snag him.

It’s expected that Henrik Lundqvist is gonna be bought out and become a free agent, there is also Braden Holtby, Corey Crawford, Robin Lehner, and Craig Anderson who are out on free agency but I want Dallas to stick with Dobby.

We have a great 1-2 punch in Dallas with Dobby and Ben Bishop in net, I don’t think we need any changing. Dobby has proved his worth and he’s shown countless times how he can handle the net when everyone else is playing on their heels. Going for Lundqvist or the others could cost too much for Dallas where they could use it elsewhere- like on more productive forwards or smart defensemen. Set Dobby up with a little raise and let’s kick off next season with a banger.

Not to mention, everybody loves Dobby. Today, when Dallas landed at Love Field to a sea of fans, a good chunk of them were chanting “Dobby! Dobby! Dobby!”. They love him, I love him- the man is an icon – keep that smiley bastard in Dallas where he belongs.

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