Vancouver Seems To Be Headed Towards Change

According to some sources tonight, the Canucks are finally making some changes to their organization. Anytime a team does this badly it comes as no surprise that the front office is going to go in and make some changes. They seem to be finally doing so, starting with removing Head Coach Travis Green and assistant Nolan Baumgartner. They’ll also be removing GM Jim Benning and assistant GM John Weisbrod. All of this is according to Irfaan Gaffar and various other hockey reporters around the league have been chiming in the same news.

The Canucks have been a mess so far this season. They’re 8-15-2 on the year, they’re last in the Pacific. They’ll have a great game and then crumble for the next 6. It’s been disastrous so far. The final straw seemed to be yesterday’s Penguins game. The Pens came in and beat the Canucks 4-1 in Vancouver, the stadium chanted “Fire Benning” well into the 3rd period, and someone threw their jersey onto the ice. They’ve lost 10 of their last 13 games, something had to give. It just felt like the game where you know there’s gonna be changes after. So they’re apparently starting with removing the GM and HC, bringing in Bruce Boudreau as head coach and Scott Walker to assist. Chris Gear seems to be stepping in as interm GM.

It needed to be done. Their team hasn’t been faring as well as we all hoped the last few seasons and especially in this one. I wouldn’t be shocked if Vancouver becomes active on the trade market the next few days. They haven’t officially said anything regarding the coach and GM yet but with how much buzz is going around about this, it feels like a matter of time. Maybe they need a new voice in the room, maybe some fresh legs, whatever it is we’ll see if it improves their season in the coming weeks.

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