An Exposé On Harry Style’s Pants

Harry Styles is on the cover of December’s Vogue and the whole photoshoot is yummy. I love every single photo of him in this shoot. Harry is amazing at breaking the gender barrier when it comes to clothes and this photoshoot features some stunning shots of him in dresses and large gowns. The one piece of clothing I’m talking about right now is this pair of pants that Harry wears.

Front of said pants
Back of said pants

At first glace, I thought “those are probably just a pair of Gucci pants that cost a fortune and just have that artsy look”. Being a hockey fan, I’m used to seeing young men in expensive as fuck clothes that have art I don’t understand the meaning of. But that single pair of pants goes so much deeper than that.

These, I wanna say mustard, coloured pants have various images and words painted into them and they tell a long story of Harry’s life. I would have completely missed most of the things in this but shout out to @hsdaily on Twitter for explaining what these paintings mean.

I never would have thought this was that deep if I hadn’t taken the time to look this closely. Also on there, twice, is the word “Arlo” which Harry just recently got a tattoo of. There’s a sign for Holmes Chapel, Harry’s hometown, on the front. There’s stories here that I’m dying to know.

It’s that deep context when you look so much closer that it really makes you understand just how thoughtful of a person he is. He thinks out everything he wears, every choice he makes, and he thinks out what story he’s trying to tell. The man is absolutely brilliant. I’m a slow reader so I haven’t been able to fully read through the article but you can do that in the link below and I highly reccomend you do.

You can also finish this chilly night with a beautiful acoustic rendition of “Cherry”. TPWK.

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