RANT: The NHL has bigger fish to fry than one player MAYBE doing coke

Okay so by now, you’ve probably heard that a video surfaced of Evgeny Kuznetsov from the Caps next to a table where there was some lines of white powder and a rolled up $50. He’s talking on FaceTime with someone while a woman is asleep in the background and the person filming is silent. If you haven’t seen it, that’s the gist of what happened.

As the story develops there are strange facts that leave more questions than answers. Who are the other people? Why is this video just coming out now? 

Kuznetsov said that he’s never done drugs and he’ll attest to that:

But the biggest question of all is:

Who really gives a shit?

If Kuznetsov did the coke or not, that’s his decision to make. It wasn’t during the season, he’s a human being with his own mind, if he chose to do coke that’s on him. He’s an adult with his own decisions.

Kuznetsov says he didn’t do a line so I believe him there.

But this opens up a new conversation when it comes to anyone in the NHL who has done recreational drugs, who gives a shit if they did. If they’re doing a recreational drug and no one is hurt, why are people freaking out about it like the man just killed a puppy. There is a big difference between doing a drug from time to time and being addicted to drugs. Some people don’t seem to be getting this.

He hasn’t come out and said “yeah, I’ve been doing this and I’m working on getting better” because in that case, yes help him out and help him get better. But if this video surfaced and said “yeah I have done cocaine, I’m not proud of it but wanna know what it happened.” Then okay, that was his choice to do it and he fucking stepped up and admitted to it.

But he said he didn’t do it and are you really going to judge someone for being in the same room as something that’s not legal? Kuznetsov also said that he left when he saw what was going down so power to him for that.

But if the NHL does decide to investigate this, it’s bullshit. How can you investigate the guy for just being in the room? There are bigger problems within the NHL to waste time on investigating a guy, who isn’t hurting anyone. I’m happy they didn’t straight away say they’re investigating what happened.

Players like Austin Watson are still playing in the NHL, they should let the guy who MAYBE did coke off with a warning and look at the real fucking problems. Abusers should not be in the NHL, they should be in prison and not given a free pass. But that’s all I’ll say about that. Rant over.

Featured Image: NHL.com

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