Anyway….. Go Blue (Hockey)

On November 27th, I disavowed my #1 college hockey team, the University of Michigan. They were taking on my Iowa Hawkeyes in the BIG 10 Championship and I just could not support the whole school as I cheered on my Hawkeyes. Hawkeyes are like my family ya know? Well, Michigan just beat Iowa 3-35. I had hoped we’d win, I really did. My best friend is a senior there now, both my brothers went there. I had hope. Alas, life is unfair.

Now with Michigan Football’s victory over Iowa, that means I can have my college hockey team back. The Wolverines have gone 2-1 in the time I’ve disavowed them. They must have telepathically known I would get them back tonight because here is a sizzle reel they dropped earlier:

They really kicked ass in their game against Niagra on the 27th. They sealed that with a 4-1 victory. Then Minnesota drowned them yesterday. The Gophers won 5-1 but Michigan came back today with a 6-2 W. They’re riding a high. They’ve improved to 13-5-0 on the season. The Wolverines will move onto THE Ohio State next. THE Ohio State just got beat by Notre Dame tonight so hopefully, they’ll keep their L train going.

I’m excited to watch their next games. Do I miss Iowa Football already? Yeah, because I fucking love the University of Iowa and I just started understanding football. BUT I am glad to be able to cheer for Michigan Hockey again, now let’s go win that Natty!!!

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Featured Image:  Michigan Hockey Twitter

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