Pettersson and Hughes Are Headed Back to Vancouver

The boys are back. The deals have not been officially announced yet but it seems like we will have Petey and Huggy Bear back just in time for the regular season.

As announced by Pierre LeBrun and Darren Dreger yesterday, both Quinn Hughes and Elias Pettersson have signed their deals, finally. Pettersson signed a three-year, $7.35 million dollar AAV while Hughes signed a six-year, $7.85 million AAV deal. Both of them were headed from Michigan to Vancouver today, just in time for the preseason to really heat up.

Let’s break down each deal, I’m going to start with Hughes. I’m a big Quinn Hughes fan (fucking shocker). That first season he had with Vancouver was electric. 68 games played, 53 points (8G 45A), averaged 21:53 minutes per game, 46 blocked shots, 35 takeaways, 59.8% Corsi For %. He saw 17 playoff games with Vancouver that year, 16 points (2G 14A) and an average of 22:48 minutes per game. He also had 19 blocked shots, 14 takeaways, and a 55.2% Corsi For %. He was so influential that first season, did wonders for their team. Last year was a bit rough on him, he really hit that sophomore slump hit hard.

He played in 56 games last season with 41 points (3G 38A) and an average of 22:48 per game. He had 43 blocked shots, 34 takeaways, and a 57.6% Corsi For %. Every player hits a bit of a slump, he’s just 21-years-old too. I think six years at $7.85 million will work out well. Sure right now, that’s a high price tag. He’s only played 2 seasons (technically 3 with the 5 games he played in 2018-2019), he had a rough one last year, the whole of Vancouver did. I say in a few years times this is going to be a sweet deal for Vancouver.

As for Elias Pettersson, this is a great deal. Just 3-years at $7.35 million dollars, a perfect little bridge deal for Petey. Over the course of 3 years in Vancouver, he’s played in 165 regular season games with 153 points (65G 88A), an average of 18:24 per game, and an average of 60.5% Corsi For. Pettersson also played in 17 playoff games with 18 points (7G 11A) and an average of 19:22 per game with a 57.7% Corsi For. Petey has been electric for this team since day one. He gets an easy little 3 year deal with a higher hit. I definitely think he’ll live up to this deal.

Regardless of what you think about the deals, this will be great for the Canucks. They need Elias and Quinn to be a competitive team. They’re both important players to this lineup and I am excited to see them back out there with the team. They seemed to have a blast in Michigan but it’s go time. Vancouver is in a win now situation and they just got two key pieces to their team back. They only have Petey for 3 years so it’s time they start convincing him to stay longer. Quinn on the other hand has a lot to prove with that big ticket. They’re expected to officially announce the deals tomorrow but regardless, I’m happy these two are back.

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