Happy 30th Birthday to One of Our Very Own

Ladies and gentlemen put your hands in the air for a very special man. My eldest brother, Jake turns 30 today.

That’s right; the man, the myth, the legend. Co-host of our very own Ham Radio, Jake has been one of the biggest influences on this site and in my life. Jake is really where my love for sports started, growing up he was always watching the games and pushing me to watch them. He’s the whole reason I ever started to be so into sports and thus created this website.

He’s the OG of the Ham Fam, he’s the funniest of us, and the leader. The Jon Snow of the Hamiltons. (I’m Arya, Nick is Sansa, and Jack is Bran) I don’t know where the fuck I’d be without him and honestly, I don’t want to know. So happy birthday to my best buddy, go follow him on Twitter and tell him happy birthday. Check out his blogs here. And have a happy 30 bestie.

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Featured Image: My mom

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