College Hockey Is Almost Back And So Is My Rivalry With Big10 Network

Cawledge Hawkey season is just around the corner and nothing says that more than the University of Michigan blowing the doors off Bowling Green in a 7-1 exhibition game yesterday.

As you might know if you’ve been around for a minute, I’m a big Michigan Hockey fan – just hockey, go Hawkeyes otherwise – so I was loving this one. Michigan is setting up for a kick ass season. After 4 of their top players get drafted in the first 5 picks at the 2021 NHL Draft, it’s no surprise they’re going to be my top pick for the Natty.

I’m booking it here. This team is going to make a full force run at the National Championship. Back in July, right before the NHL draft, I talked about how kick ass Michigan was last season. Now, into the new season, I think their lineup is even more stacked and with those 4, top 5 NHL Draft picks for the most part heading to the league next season, they’re going to want to take this chance to win it now.

Brendan Brisson is going to be a must watch all year long. He had a hat trick in last nights game: two of those goals came just 22 seconds apart in the first period. Kent Johnson, who has been one of my favorite players at Michigan, put up a solid four-point night that included this goal:

Nick Blankenburg, one of the senior captain, also had a 2 goal night. Overall, I am so stoked to see this Michigan team back out on the ice for regular season games. It’s a huge year with big names, they are going to be must watch. That being said with the return of Michigan Hockey also comes the return of my rivalry with the Big10 and my deep seeded anger that they make watching hockey games physically impossible most days. Let’s go Wolverines and Big10 Network can still kick rocks.

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Featured Image:  University of Michigan Hockey

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