Sid The Kid Hits 1,000 Games

One of the greatest players to grace the NHL, Sidney Crosby has hit 1,000 games played. It took 15 years and so many trials and tribulations but Sid the Kid has done it. The video tribute had everyone and their mother in tears.

You also gotta admire the guys resilience after everything he’s been through. Sid became one of my favorite players back in high school (much to my Chicago family’s dismay) and he never fails to amaze. Between Stanley Cups and Olympic Golds, the guy is an absolute legend.

My one goal before I kick the bucket is to see Sid play in person. My dad, back in the day, saw Wayne Gretzky play in person and he always talks about how cool it was to see the Great One play right in front of him. I tried to see him back in November of 2019 but that was when he had the sports hernia and was out. I’ve seen McDavid, Malkin, and Kane. But before I go out or he retires, I want to see him play.

Cheers to 1,000 more Sid!

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Featured Image: Pittsburgh Penguins

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