Kaner Spin-O-Ramas Never Get Old

Tale as old ad time, song as old as rhyme, Patrick Kane scores a spin-o-rama goal.

Leave it to Kaner to swoop in and get the Hawks a goal with this beauty of a move. Kane’s been doing these moves since he was a rookie but they never fail to be absolutely sexy.

Check it out: a little chip from Alex Debrincat sends Kane up the ice. Kaner spins off a Cane and sends the puck into the net on his backhand.

Absolute chef’s kiss goal from Showtime.

Not long after Kaner’s go ahead goal, Ian Mitchell scored one to get this game tied going into the 3rd. I’ve loved what the Hawks have been doing lately and I think if they keep this energy going into the 3rd, we’ll have a good night.

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