Well Yeah, Leafs Gonna Leaf

I thought that, possibly, the Toronto Maple Leafs knew how to play hockey and score goals but apparently, I was mistaken. The Leafs lost in OT to the Canadiens tonight and that has forced this series out to a Game 7.

This game started pretty show, no goals through the first two periods. It felt like the Leafs were really on their heels to start. Not the start you want to have in an elimination game. Then in the third period, Corey Perry and Tyler Toffoli scored goals a minute apart (both on the power play) to give the Habs a 2-0 lead. Jason Spezza then scored to give Toronto one goal at 11:35 and TJ Brodie completed the come back 5 minutes later. The Leafs play was disastrous but OT is OT so fine, let’s go. Things can’t go too wrong there, right?

Nah, wrong, we’re screwed. The Leafs dominated OT. They ended with 13 shots on net. But, as you can tell from the general tone I am carrying here – none of those shots did shit on the score sheet. Jesperi Kotkaniemi scored 15:15 into OT to tie this series 3-3 and push a Game 7 on Monday. Don’t know why I was so surprised, of course the Leafs were gonna Leaf. They had a 3-1 lead in the series and completely wasted it.

If the Leafs want any hope of winning Monday, they have got to get their shit together. No useless penalties, no messy turnovers because otherwise, their season is done. They really need Mitch Marner to figure out where his head is at because he was a mess this game. He hasn’t had a goal all series and it has shown out there. They’re a team that can go out there and win, they’ve proven that already, but when they’re just a bit off it’s like the world is ending for them. Stop being sloppy and be a fuckin hockey player. That’s Monday’s motto. Get the win and let’s move on.

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