Only Took A 9 Hour Intermission To Complete The First Game At Lake Tahoe

Between a Sammy Girard snipe and a rocket from Alec Martinez, we dealt with a 9 hour first intermission.

The first game at Lake Tahoe was a bit of a mess. The game play wasn’t too bad. The Avs got a goal just 3 minutes in. Our problems began when the damn sun started shining. It’s obviously an outdoor game and the sun decided to be a bitch, causing the ice to turn into a swimming pool during the first 20. The ice was an absolute shitshow so to prevent any injury, the league decided to postpone the remaining two periods until late.

And late they were. The 2nd period began at 9PM PST/Midnight EST. I do have to admit that the Avs Nordic jerseys looked awesome under the glow of the lights. They had almost a phantom glow around them, it looked sick. Their magical lead did not last long. Alec Martinez scored for the Golden Knights 7:37 into the period– that goal came 9 hours after Sammy G’s opening goal. Nathan MacKinnon got the Avs their lead back pretty quickly with this sick little goal.

Even Pietrangelo knew he was fucked when he saw Nate start streaking up the ice:

The 3rd period was dry and penalty ridden up until 7 minutes remaining. Devon Toews got the Avs up to 3 but about a minute after that, Alex Tuch got the Golden Knights back within one on a sick lil Spin-O-Rama goal.

The game ended with the Avalanche up 3-2. Tomorrow we’ll get another Lake Tahoe special with the Philadelphia Flyers playing the Boston Bruins at 6:30PM CT. This time we won’t have to deal with the mcfucking sun so it should be smoother sailing and without a 9 hour intermission. I have the Flyers winning that one but with those two teams, it’s bound to be electric.

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Featured Image: Colorado Avalanche

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