Sadly, I Cannot Be a Cowboy Today

A while back, my little brother spilled milk on our Xbox One and broke the system. It was a sad endeavor as I was just getting into Red Dead Redemption 2 which I bought as a disc copy for an early self-birthday present. The open-world and ability to just ride around on a horse while bein’ a gunslingin’ outlaw. I was living my dream.

That dream was short-lived and for a while, we want without an Xbox.

But now, a glimmer of hope.

For Easter, we have been gifted a new Xbox from our older brother Nick. A savior in this mess! (Seriously, thank you I miss video games). But my cowboy days would not be returning so soon. 

The Xbox we got is an All-Digital version where you can’t insert a disc into the counsel. Therefore, I can’t redownload my Red Dead game. I searched through all the save files, download histories, and purchase history and came up with NOTHIN.

Microsoft also doesn’t have a trade-in system where you send your disc and they give you a code. In order to get the game again, I’d have to buy it once more and that’s some money-hungry BULLSHIT, Microsoft.

I already bought the game once and now I’ll have to do it again because you bastards decided to screw everyone who had purchased physical copies? It’s just annoying and an example of how cash-driven some of these companies are. 

I was so hyped to play Red Dead and now I’m back to square one, horseless and even more annoyed.

I’m totally spending the money to get it again but this is just malarkey and I hate that I’m feeding the machine. I’m more of a “stick it to the man” kinda person but I’m a bitch for a good cowboy adventure game.

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Featured Image: Microsoft themselves but with my face


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