Hockey Players Who Need To Be Invited To The Met Gala

The Met Gala is going down right now. It is safe to say that I have no idea of what the Met Gala is besides rich people dressing up to the nines and hanging out. I don’t know a lot of famous people, I don’t keep up with celebrity drama too much. Obviously I am a huge hockey fan so here is my list of hockey players who need to be invited to the Met Gala because their fits would be absolutely killer.

First and foremost, the man I wrote multiple blogs about being the best dressed NHL player (1, 2, 3). David Pastrnak would go all out for the Met Gala. He’s probably at home scrolling through Twitter with a few ideas for a suit in mind. His wardrobe is killer on any given game day so if he was given the chance to paint the town read I just know he’d take it and destroy the competition.


Connor McDavid is second on this list for the exact opposite reasons as Pasta. McDavid can be fashionable, he did a nice GQ shoot a while back but I think he’d go classic suit with maybe a funky tie and that’s all the personality we’ll see for a year. His girlfriend would completely understand the assignment and kill it while his tie like matched her dress and that’s all. Bonus points if Leonard (their dog) gets a matching bowtie.


Auston Matthews AND William Nylander have to go as a package deal strictly for the chaos. Both of them fancy themselves fashionistas and putting them at the event of extravagant fashion would result in an all-time photoshoot. I don’t even know what kind of suits they would be but I need to see them before I die. Not to mention Biebs and Matthews are buds, just let that trio wander around the Gala, mic’d up. It’s bound to be hilarious.

I don’t think Hilary Knight would go for one of those insane outfits but I would love to see her dressed to the nines in some funky dress for the Met Gala. I could see her rolling up in an outfit like the one below and I would just crumble. Someone get her on the invite list for next year.

Via : Hilary Knight

How could I forget the Fashion King of Vancouver? Elias Pettersson would eat this Gala up and not even bat a fucking eye if someone tried to chirp him. He would go all out for it and I think it’s safe to say we would all live for that. Someone would throw a chirp his way on the ice about it and he’d just glare them down like “you think I give a fuck about your fashion advice, roach?” He’s a ballot one invite for next year.

Per usual on this site, I shot from the hip here and I think I nailed it. There’s plenty of hockey players from around the world who could be on this list but these 5 (6 technically) are my top ballot entries for next year. We gotta grow the game of hockey and the best way to do that is send our finest out into the world, dressed in very bright and eye catching clothes, to get some eyes on the game. It’s a fool-proof idea, hockey execs, get on it.

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