Apparently The ESPYs Were Yesterday And Patrick Kane Won Best NHL Player

The ESPYs were last night – apparently – and Patrick Kane ended up winning Best NHL Player. As a Hawks fan and Chicagoan, good for Kaner but I think any hockey fan knows there were plenty of players that could have won this one before him.

The thing is that this result came from an online poll. Combing the NHL’s meager advertising of their players and ESPN’s lack of hockey coverage, most people probably went with the name they knew and Kane is well known because he’s been relevant for so long. People who aren’t hockey fans aren’t really going to know McDavid or Vasilevskiy because the NHL doesn’t really promote their players outside the world of hockey. There was a video a while ago where athletes from another sport (I can’ remember which) were asked which name was an NHL player and most of them didn’t know who Connor McDavid was. The NHL really doesn’t try and grow heir players name on large scales outside of the hockey universe. So yeah, no shit Kaner won.

Regardless, good for him. He played in 56 games this year with 66 points (15G 51A). Here are some sick Kaner plays to sooth your Sunday scaries.

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Featured Image: NBC Sports Chicago

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