Freddie Andersen Customized A Mask With His Best Buds on It

Frederik Andersen, a goalie of the Maple Leafs, got a customized mask that displays pictures of his two close friends and fellow All-Stars Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews.

The mask was a surprise to Matthews and Marner and their reactions are priceless.

“Let me see, do you look cute?” Marner is so god damn great. 

The mask itself is beautiful. On one side is Marner and Andersen hugging after a win, something that is a ritual for them. On the other side is Matthews and Andersen kneeling next to one another during warm-ups which is a ritual of theirs.

mith side
Mitch Marner Side


auston side
Auston Matthews Side

The Danish goaltender will also pay tribute to the city of Toronto with these sick pads that have the CN Tower on them.

cn tower pads
CN Tower Pads

This is one of those heartwarming stories you love to hear. Plus that mask is beautiful and has so much meaning behind it, you seriously just love to see it.

Here are my predictions on the Skills Competition.

Here is why I’m an idiot.


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