Quarantine is Making My Dad Crafty

Usually, it moms who get bored and decide to start home projects. They’ll want to repaint the living room or get some new decorations, that “Live, Laugh, Love” bullshit.

Not in my house. It’s my dad who becomes the crafty one when caged.

One time, he made my little brother a “clubhouse” out of old plywood we had and now I’m 99% sure we have raccoons living in it. It has since been wrapped in tarps so the wood doesn’t mold but my neighbor’s dog tries to dig her way in there more often than not. As long as there isn’t a serial killer in there, I’m good.

We also have a tree basketball hoop. He made a basketball hoop on a tree that’s withing shooting distance of the back door.


Lest we not forget the photo frame he made on the living room wall above the couch. The drawing is on a dragon? Mythical creature? No one knows. But the frame itself is some hacked-up baseboard that is nailed to the wall, right in the middle of the living room wall.


These are 3 of 500 projects around the house.

But during the quarantine so far, my dad took on a new task. Completely reconstructing a windchime.

The building of these projects starts like any other. You one day notice “huh, that’s a little worn down, I’ll need to fix it up.” This began when my dad noticed that an old Cubs windchime we had was starting to weather in the rain so he decided “I’ll fix that up”.

And boy did he.

It was a nearly 30-day process of repainting and refurbishing. But alas, I looked in the yard yesterday and saw a windchime that would have made any suburban fishin’ dad envious.


Held up by bunjy cords, we have a cobalt blue windchime with fishing lore decore. From the center chain is three fishing line weights, all hooks covered so someone doesn’t get hooked. (Or because he kept hooking himself, it’s a 50/50 toss-up.)


The fishing line keeps all of the chimes together and holds onto the lures dangling from the metal bars.

To top off the whole thing, he stuck some lures in the top structure, foregoing his whole plan to keep the hooks off of it. They’re not secure either so some big wind comes through and we could have some dangerous ground on our hands.


Of course, this was all completed and hung up in the night, like most projects but nothing has flown off or been stolen by squirrels yet. 

My dad’s crafts have been a hot ticket to watch in town. We’ve got nothin’ else; no sports, no shows, so the daily craft time update is where it’s at. As for now, he has no projects qued up but give him a day and I bet he’ll have another one going.

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