The More I Live, the More I Realize I am George Costanza

No hockey talk for me today as I have been half conscious for the better part of the day but tonight I’m thinkin’ about life. In life, I wish I was Kramer, but the more I live, the more I realize that I’m George Costanza.

I think this goes all the way back to like 2006 when I saw this part in Seinfeld and immediately was like “same here, middle-aged bald man.” And from there on out, we’ve been twins.

I swear I’ve been thinking about death since I was born. 

Since March when quarantine really kicked-up, all there is to do is watch TV so I’ve been watching some of the comfort oldies- Cheers, Friends, and you guessed it Seinfeld. The more I watch, the more I find myself relating to George more than any other character. Sure, he can be a bit of an asshole but as for most of his random philosophies and insecurities, I relate too deeply.




For anyone who has been reading Ham Sports for long, you KNOW the last one is accurate. I might love writing and talking but sometimes, I’m speaking my own language (at least according to my friends).

I grew up watching Seinfeld but as you age you can kinda see more as to why George is the way he is. Your early 20’s are weird because it’s the first time you realize you’ve been conscious for a while and all of your friends have been too. People have been shaped by events you didn’t see but you can understand how they influence behavior anyway. Like Georges’ dad was an off-the-wall guy and my dad is the same way so I get why George can have such outlandish ideas- his dad has always been thinking outside the box like that. Watching this show has been like looking into a fake window of the future, I can see myself in this middle-aged balding man but I’ve got half the life experience to back it up.

Is this one of those warning signs? A wake up call from the future? No idea, Imma stay my cynical sarcastic self though.

Anyway, that’s all the life ranting for me tonight. Happy (very early) Festivus y’all, stay merry. 


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