Fabrizio De Rossi Was One of The Unsung Heroes of The Titanic Movie

Spoilers for the 1997 movie “The Titanic”. If you haven’t seen it and this spoils it, that’s your fault, pal, I warned you.

Tonight I did something I haven’t done since I was like 7. I rewatched the “Titanic” (1997). Full thing with a friend of mine, cover to cover. And let me tell you something, Fabrizio De Rossi doesn’t get as much love as he deserves.

In case you forgot, Fabrizio is this adorable Italian man who is Jack Dawson (Leo)’s best buddy. He is able to hop on the boat with Jack after Jack wins them the tickets in a poker game along with a watch, some money, and a pocket knife. He’s happily running towards the boat, saying he’s going to America to be a millionaire. He’s just adorable.

Fabrizio is on the right, obvs

Anywho, we’re skipping ahead to when this movie hits the climax and the boat is going down. While that cowardass Caledon Hockley is trying to save himself, Fabrizio actually starts cutting the lifeboat lines to save those people. It was something I never noticed before but today when I was watching, you can see him cutting the lifeboat free so the people inside can get away. (Shoutout to whoever took this screenshot)

Via here

While most people are panicking, swimming away, or batting people with an oar, Fabrizio is trying to save all the people he can.

I also don’t know if it’s the same knife, but I think the pocket knife that Jack wins in the same game he wins the tickets, might be the one Fabrizio uses in this scene. All those things that were won were important later in the movie. The watch definitely has to do with the overarching theme of time. Then, of course there’s the tickets to the boat that ultimately leads to their doom. And last, the pocket knife. I don’t know if that’s a real theory but I will be running with it.

Regardless of themes, Fabrizio goes down a hero in my book. The poor guy was so excited to come to America, maybe marry Helga (who’s main scenes were cut from the movie), and become a millionaire. Alas in his final moments, he goes out a hero. Sadly he had to save Caledon Hockley’s bitch ass but regardless, still a hero I have loved dearly since I was about 5 and he deserves more respect on his name. He is also high up on my list of character’s deaths who still make me cry.

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