Today, I Must Make A Choice

Ladies and gentlemen, in life we must all make choices. Choices about what to eat, what to do with our meager time on this planet. We must make choices about our lives, our family, and our honor. Today, I am here to make one of those choices.

Effective immediately I am disavowing my love for the University of Michigan’s hockey team until after Saturday’s Michigan vs Iowa Hawkeyes football game.

I was raised in a Hawkeye household, my heart belongs to Iowa City. I spent so much time there in my youth, cheered for the Hawkeyes in every sport they offered. “Go Hawks” is a big part of who I am. Therefore despite my love for great hockey, Matty Beniers’s insane stickhandling, and Kent Johnson (just in general) – I have first and foremost been a family man and I will have all my heart and soul geared towards the Hawkeyes for the remainder of their season.

And despite the weekend, I spent there and the Woverienes kick-ass 4-1 win over Niagra earlier today. Despite Owen Power absolutely kicking ass on his 8-game point streak, I must break my own heart to be who I have always been, who I was meant to be (if I had had the balls to go to college) – I must be a Hawkeye.

Now babes, LET GO HAWKS!!

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