Spezza Plays In His 1,200th NHL Game

19 seasons, 3 teams, and many team dad moments later, Jason Spezza has played in 1,200 NHL games.

Tonight Jason Spezza laced up the skates for the 1,200th time in his NHL career in the Maple Leafs 5-1 victory over the Ducks. In those 1,200 games, he has recorded 977 points (355G 622A), jumped between Ottawa, Dallas, and now Toronto. Spezza is a special player. He’s been a true professional, great leader and veteran to have in the room, and he’s still kicking guy’s asses all these years later. He’s outskating kids that could barely walk when he was drafted 2nd overall back in 2001. There is not one person I think on this planet that hates Jason Spezza. (Maybe Mike Babcock but that guy sucks so he doesn’t count.)

Spezza is a delightful human being that embodies the best damn dad energy. Of course we’re going to watch Spezza highlights to celebrate but we have to have all the top moments too:

Congrats on the 1,200 games, Spezza!

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Featured Image:  NHL.com

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