Canucks Lose Their Home Opener BUT Their New Hype Video Heals Those Wounds

The Canucks just lost their home opener to the Wild but we’re ignoring that for something better. That being the Canucks’ new season hype video that dropped at 9PM CT last night.

I personally like the hype videos that teams put out early in the season. It gets you so excited about the upcoming games and the roster, no matter how dogshit you know the season is going to be. I like when teams get cheesy and out there with it. This new Canucks video is exactly that.

I’ve watched this video 10 times and I’m not going to stop now.

First of all, where are the Oscar nominations? Not just for the incredible acting by various Vancouver Canucks but for the creativity and cinematography. I love how it’s all kinds of heroes mixing up: Brock is Thor, Petey is Luke (or Anakin) Skywalker, Quinn might be Spider-Man or just an average college student, OEL is Superman, Horvat is Batman, JT Miller might be Jacob from Twilight, I have no clue there. They all fit their personalities well. The storyline that flows through it is so cool too.

Not to mention how awesome the special effects actually look. So many hours of After Effects goes into a video like this and it came out absolutely amazing. I have such a love for these videos too because I want to make stuff like this one day. All of the editors that worked on this deserve big kudos. And they should follow me on Twitter so I can learn all their editing secrets. They portrayed a really interesting story in just a matter of minutes. It was really well done all around and I like it more than some teams who just pick some upbeat song, play highlights, and call it a day. Those videos can be cool too but it’s nice to spice things up and get creative.

It was awesome for the home-opener despite the Canucks having a rough night on the ice. They fell 3-2 against the Minnesota Wild, their younger top guys are still having a hard time getting off the ground. Captain Bo Horvat scooped another goal though, his 4th goal in 6 games. Demko had some awesome saves and ended up stopping 27-30 shots he faced. In the dying minutes, they were trying the follow up the Jets with their own 2-goal comeback but couldn’t succeed in that. The Canucks will face the Flyers Thursday night, the day after the Flyers face undefeated Edmonton. I’m hoping for a better night than tonight but the Flyers have been pretty good recently so who knows.

Regardless of last night’s outcome, I can’t get over how cool that hype video is. I hope they have more in the tank for this season AND I hope those who worked on it get the praise they deserve. It’s so cool.

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Featured Image:  Screenshot from Vancouver Canucks Twitter

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